Frequently Asked Questions


Why is intercultural Training so important?

With globalization and the development of remote exchanges, many employees have difficulty collaborating effectively with their foreign contacts, whether they are colleagues, clients or partners.
While the language barrier can be easily identified, the cultural barrier is often invisible. And yet the consequences can be serious: mergers and acquisitions that fail, trade negotiations that drag on, conflicts that slow down business, talent that leaves …

For a company, training its employees in how to decode cultural behavior is vital for succeeding in functional business exchanges!

With Gapsmoov, the objective of intercultural training is to facilitate exchanges between people of different nationalities.

Our solutions help highlight cultural trends, explain where they come from, and provide concrete solutions to successfully communicate and manage effectively in an international business context. And we manage to do all of this in a simple and fun way!


Who is Intercultural Training suitable for?

To anyone and everyone who communicates regularly or occasionally with foreign contacts: engineers, managers, sales representatives, assistants, technicians, students, etc.
Gapsmoov has succeeded in their bet to tailor intercultural training by making it accessible to as many people as possible (and not only to expats).


What languages is the training available in?

Our ‘Culture Decoder’ is available in French and English (and very soon in other languages) and all of our consultants run our virtual classes in these 2 languages at present.


How was the learning content developed and created?

At Gapsmoov, the training content is 100% original, which is what makes it unique and effective!

Our teaching team relies on double expertise: the feedback from experience of those in the field who have come face to face with these situations internationally, and the analysis of researchers specializing in intercultural matters. The result is that our training is pragmatic, motivating … and addictive!


How do I use the Culture Decoder?

Our Culture Decoder is like a fantastic business companion, with it you will be able to:

• identify your own cultural preferences in a business context,

• decode the cultural characteristics of the countries with which you interact,

• adapt your management and communication styles with your foreign contacts,

• zoom in on a specific business skill in the country of your choice (successfully meeting, negotiating, making a presentation, developing leadership, etc.)

• compare and understand the cultures of different countries, and even compare yourself with those cultures,

• interact live with our consultants during virtual mini-group classes,

• test your knowledge using our learning validation quiz.

With our Culture Decoder, you will be able to:

• become more efficient in your interactions with foreign contacts,

• apply concrete techniques to successfully manage multicultural teams.


What is the Cultural Match Indicator?

An invention that you will only find at Gapsmoov! This indicator gives the cultural proximity between two countries. The higher the percentage, the closer their cultures. This figure is the result of an algorithm that combines the analysis of 18 cultural gaps weighted according to their level of importance, their risk versus success impacts, and the ability of individuals to adapt to these gaps.


What are the Virtual Class themes?

Gapsmoov constantly adapts to the needs of its clients by regularly developing new themes.

Here are the 5 themes currently offered each week in our Culture Decoder:

– the 5 cultural challenges and opportunities for French people abroad,
– develop and adapt leadership internationally,
– manage a multicultural team,
– the fundamentals of interculturality at work, and
– working in France.


How do I book a one-on-one coaching session?

Gapsmoov supports you on your specific needs with its “coaching” pack, which includes individual sessions with our consultants for tailor-made advice. Contact us to explain your challenges and goals, and we will provide you with solutions:


Is there a mobile-friendly version?

Absolutely! Our Cultural Decoder is mobile-friendly and equipped with PWA (Progressive Web App) technology which allows for an experience similar to a regular App.

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