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Gapsmoov, notre approche

An innovative teaching method


The pedagogical model at the heart of the Gapsmoov platform was created in 2015 by two French researchers and interculturalists, Morgan Marchand & Pascal Monpetit.

Morgan is a consultant-trainer for international companies (academic curriculum: PhD Dauphine University, Paris, “Gestion et Société” team with Philippe d’Iribarne, ATLAS-AFMI thesis prize in International Management, trainer of trainers with SIETAR France).

A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, Pascal was first appointed director of several companies abroad (Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, USA) before dedicating himself to consulting & training in intercultural management & communication.

Their aim was to create a model that would be both intellectually sound & practical, offering a simple & ready-to-use reading grid of national cultures in the workplace. The terms used would also ‘speak’ to the uninitiated, students, executives & non-executives.

For each of the 18 dimensions studied, Gapsmoov positions the average of the country’s inhabitants in a professional environment. This positioning is the result of the participation of 120 contributors, academic & business profiles, regularly or occasionally involved in the development of our training content. Their contribution also enabled us to illustrate the dimensions with 180 business cases, all based on real situations.

Since 2020, our understanding of national cultures has been enriched by data generated by thousands of users.

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An intuitive and responsive platform

As we are convinced that the design contributes to quality content, we pay particular attention to the platform’s presentation:

We rely on appealing formats (short video clips, business cases, quizzes) to keep learners interested.

Our videos are animated by natives of each country studied, a key element in facilitating immersion.

We alternate between social learning of virtual classes and active pedagogy of online modules to optimize pedagogical effectiveness.

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An eco-designed solution by spirit

The last time we checked, there was still no ‘Planet B’, so Gapsmoov has developed a platform that uses less energy and limits the impact of its use on the environment.

Reduction in the weight of the application’s resources, as well as simplicity and intuitiveness of the design, are all solutions that allow Gapsmoov to combine interculturality and eco-responsibility.

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