To help you conquer the world!

Gapsmoov, management interculturel, learning in the flow of work, blended learning, diversité

Focus on diversity

There is no cultural behavior that is better than another.
The most beautiful collaborations and the most interesting projects often arise from our cultural differences. This is why we are highlighting them.

Develop and adopt the right reflexes

Automatisms do not kick in until cultural differences have been identified and understood.  Following this, the soft skills so sought after by companies start to develop.
This is why we want to decode cultures.

Intercultural training for all!

Long reserved for top management, interculturality is now everyone’s business within a company. This is why we want to democratize its learning and imagine financially affordable solutions, adapted to each need, situation, and function.

Our secret for fulfilling our mission?
An all-in-one solution!

Educational innovation:

We are the creators of a unique intercultural management method that has been built around expertise acquired in the field.

Its systematic application guarantees success in all business situations, whatever the cultural environment.

Learning In The Flow of Work:

No more ‘one-shot’ and purely theoretical training! We support your employees in their daily needs, in their operational environment. How?

By focusing on short formats and pragmatic content, accessible in just 2 clicks!

Blended learning:

Our solution alternates online sessions and virtual classes: a smart balance to foster learning and maintain learner engagement.


A shared ambition to change the world!

Gapsmoov, les créateurs, management interculturel, formations interculturelles, décoder, manager, réussir, communiquer

Virginie and Thibaut met when they were managers in the training sector. It was their taste for travel and the discovery of new cultures that brought them together. Mexico, India, Luxembourg, and China (to mention a few)… they both lived through rich experiences abroad and drew the same conclusion: so rewarding and incredible insights! However, there are also delicate situations that could have been avoided if they had learned to decode cultures before encountering them closely.

They realized that many companies navigate by sight when operating in a multicultural environment. Together, Virginie and Thibaut wanted to remedy this. From there, they dreamed of a tool capable of simplifying exchanges between people of different nationalities and of providing concrete solutions to common professional issues.

From hundreds of meetings to thousands of reflections, the project took shape and Gapsmoov is built. Today, the Gapsmoov method appeals to companies of all sizes, whether occasionally or daily confronted with intercultural issues.